HR’s culture shift: Tackling workplace sexual harassment while navigating legal definitions

Human resources professionals are looking to fight bad behavior driven by upper management.

Source: Does Silicon Valley’s ‘bro culture’ pervade IT elsewhere?:

Many workers in the technology departments across a range of industries describe behavior that may fall short of a legal definition of sexual harassment, but is still disturbing and could contribute to low employee morale and high turnover.

Sexual harassment in the professional workplace: behind the research: An industry-wide study of the impact and implications of sexual harassment reveals striking implications for the modern workplace and a path forward.

Preparing for the new lease accounting standard

Companies need to realize that the challenge ahead is bigger than accounting.

via U.S. posts biggest budget deficit since 2012 as tax income falls:

The Treasury recorded a $215 billion shortfall in February—its largest in six years—as revenue declined after passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Sexual harassment is a bigger problem than accountants think: Men and women who work in accounting say there’s a low prevalence of sexual harassment in the profession; the numbers suggest otherwise.